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Volunteering with Heath Dennison Power Skating & Hockey Skills

Volunteering as assistants in our camps and programs is a great way to help others and share your skating and hockey knowledge. You’ll learn a lot too. And have fun. Your time may even count towards your high school graduation credits if you’re a student.

Our volunteers help with on-ice power skating and hockey drills and off-ice activities. You’ll get some basic training and work under one of our leaders. To ensure consistency for our participants, we ask that you commit to a regular schedule.

If you’re a strong skater, have a background in hockey and like working with kids, we’d love to hear from you. Punctuality and reliability are essential. Please know that we get asked a lot by players about volunteer opportunities and we aren’t able to choose everyone.

To volunteer, please tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll contact you by email as soon as possible.

“Thanks for letting me help at your camp this summer, I had fun. If you ever need me to help again just let me know.”

– Maya G.