"Hello Heath, I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your summer hockey clinic. Ben worked hard and really enjoyed the experience. What I loved most about it was the amount of hands on direction he received. It was by far more than any other activity he has participated in.

(Corrine B., Nanaimo)

"Hi Heath, Jake and Eli really enjoyed the camp this year. Both felt that they made improvements in their skating and puck handling. I agree; I noticed improvements in both of them. Overall, I thought the camp was great!

(Brian, Vancouver Island)

Cage loved the camp. He wished the camp was going on for another week. I was happy with the player/helper ratio. […] I was really happy to see all the corrections that the helpers gave to the kids. This really re-enforced what they were needing to learn.

(Lorelei, Vancouver Island)

"Heath, very impressed once again with your program. Really like how you have all that younger help on the ice with you. Makes a big difference for the development of these young players. […] Thanks again."

(Peter S., Saltspring Island)

"I was very impressed with your camp. You and your staff were really great with the kids. I saw several kids being helped separately until they understood the skill. ( Not just showed and moved on ).

(Meghan, Vancouver Island)

"I just wanted to say thanks for putting on a great course last week. Jack (Zavitz) enjoyed the course, and was very proud of his work on back crossovers. […]"

(Susan St., Vancouver Island)

"Thanks Heath, Jamie had a terrific time. Came off the ice each day with excitement and smiles."

(Tami, Vancouver Island)

"I wanted to say I was impressed with your program. My son Mason enjoyed coming to the rink every day. […] He has made a huge improvement to his game."

(Mike M., Vancouver Island)